Paul, Carolyn, Caleb, and Hannah pictured here in North Carolina in October 2018.

Paul, Carolyn, Caleb, and Hannah pictured here in North Carolina in October 2018.


Paul and Carolyn Rayne live in quiet hills of northwest Montana. Their son Caleb, lives with them and travels as a freelance videographer/ photographer. Their daughter Hannah is the Girl’s Dean and a Bible teacher at Heritage Academy in northern Tennessee.

Paul and Carolyn were born and raised in the United Kingdom, relocating to the US in 2000 to minister with Restoration International. Over the last two decades Paul, Carolyn, Hannah, and Caleb have traveled across the US and Europe sharing seminars on parenting, marriage, family and youth issues.

Today Paul and Carolyn are Directors/Presenters of The Home Place.



Live seminars and conventions* have traditionally been an important part of learning. For many busy people, the cost and time off work to attend sometimes just doesn’t work out. More and more, people are using the Internet for their help and instruction.

The Home Place, seeking to meet this growing need is producing short, practical, and inspirational videos and podcasts, and then utilizing Internet media to share with families around the world.

* The Home Place has a couple of live conventions in 2019. See The Home Place Conference

Paul & Carolyn recording in the YouTube studio.

Paul & Carolyn recording in the YouTube studio.



The focus on The Home Place is to make your family and home a better place. The topics covered in our videos and podcasts are:

  1. Character development for everyone

  2. Parenting tips and principles

  3. Marriage matters

  4. Youth & young adult Q&A and networking

  5. Training & managing our kids in device use

  6. Country living, finances, and the simple life

  7. Simple things that will benefit your health

  8. The hands on of patio and small scale gardening

It’s all practical, personal, and possible!


Where are you?

As we publish videos and podcasts each week they will appear on our YouTube channel, our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and of course here on

If you regularly use another platform please let us know. If we get enough requests we will investigate the possibilities of publishing there too. We are here to make it convenient for you to get great content.


Banner photo by: Paul Rayne — The Rayne family home in Trego, Montana.