Conference information

When: March 6-10, 2019 (Wed evening through Sunday lunch)

Where: Indian Creek SDA Camp, Liberty, Central Tennessee See on maps

What: Practical presentations, sacred/motivational concerts, small group workshops, prayer room, one-on-one with presenters, and Ranger-led programs. Plus children’s song services and Choir and Orchestra led by Seán Nebblett.

Topics: Practical Christian walk, marriage, parenting, youth & young adults, family evangelism, gardening, and device management.

Presenters: Seán & Vanessa Nebblett , Paul & Natasha Dysinger, Pastor Eric, Ann Marie, Eran, & Austin Bates, Paul, Carolyn, Hannah, and Caleb Rayne. (One meeting Wednesday night, four on Thursday, Friday, & Sabbath, and two Sunday morning.)

Schedule: The Home Place Conference Schedule including Ranger-led program on Thursday for kids and their parents!

Conference Coordinators: Dan & Susie Mai

FAQs: Answers to common questions about the conference.


Lord Bless Our Homes - 2019 Theme Song


Registration in now closed, sorry!

The Home Place Conference is SOLD OUT!  Accommodations are full and online registration in now closed, sorry!

As of today, Friday March 1, 2019 there are approx 25 seats left for Sabbath. If you plan to come as a day guest, please contact the Conference Coordinators, Dan & Susie Mai. Unfortunately, at this point a quick reply is not guaranteed, but we will do our best!

Tel: (563) 564-0420


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Dan, Susie, Ava, Vivienne, & Oliver Mai

Dan, Susie, Ava, Vivienne, & Oliver Mai

Conference Coordinators:

Dan & Susie Mai

Tel: (563) 564-0420



Banner photo by: Indian Creek Camp from ICC Facebook page