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The Home Place Fall Conference - Bakersfield, CA, Nov. 6-10, 2019


The Home Place Fall Conference | November 6-10, 2019 | Southern California.

New location: Bakersfield Hillcrest SDA Church, Bakersfield CA. See in Maps

Presenters: Scott Ritsema, Eddy Perez, Seán & Vanessa Nebblett, Paul & Natasha Dysinger, and Paul & Carolyn Rayne.

Conference Coordinators: David & Lumi Butler,

Email: ConferenceHelp@TheHomePlace.org Home tel: (661) 695-9257 Cell: (423) 494-7301

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Last quarter the adult Sabbath School studied "Family Seasons" all about home & family! In a special series The Home Place published videos and podcasts each week synchronized with the weekly SS topics. Watch the videos here or on our YouTube channel listen to the audio podcast here.


A few pictures from the first ever Home Place Conference at Indian Creek Camp in Tennessee.


See the full message here, on our YouTube channel.


Our focus

The focus on The Home Place is to make your family and home a better place. We are producing short videos and audio podcasts every week. The topics covered in our videos and podcasts are:

  1. Character development for everyone

  2. Parenting tips and principles

  3. Marriage matters

  4. Youth & young adult Q&A and networking

  5. Training & managing our kids in device use

  6. Country living, finances, and the simple life

  7. Simple things that will benefit your health

  8. The hands on of patio and small scale gardening


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